Scatter Analysis

Scatter simulation is a computer calculation of how irradiated light or radio waves are scattered by an object. This analysis is indispensable to the design of optical elements and the development of optical measurement technology, radar, and wireless communication technology.

Methods have been established to analyze a narrow range which includes microstructures as well as a wide range of elements without microstructures. However, as an element with a microstructure processed on the entire surface of a large-area element takes considerable time to run calculations, analyzing it even using a supercomputer is very difficult.

We have devised many new calculation algorithms in our laboratory and made it possible to perform simulations on a scale that was not possible before. The following examples of analysis have all been calculated using a single PC.

We are also developing our own programming language "Aqualis" that can describe complicated mathematical formulae and calculation processes in a simple manner and is capable of high-speed operations.